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CPR certification in San Francisco


I have been an RN for many years and this was by far the best CPR renewal course I have taken. It was easy to sign up and the class was offered at Fort Mason where there is plenty of parking.  I chose the option to do the online exam and then the skills check. It was great! The class itself was the perfect balance of information and practice. Roy is a great teacher and very friendly and supportive, he even brought us bottled water and energy bars! I will be highly recommending him to my colleagues and friends, and anyone else looking for a first-time or renewal CPR course.  Ali P.  9/13/2013



Paid $67, Popped up at the fort mason center. Quick speedy CPR/AED re/certification course. Roy is a pretty knowledgeable instructor, makes you feel at home and is confident in his ability to convey his knowledge on the topic at hand. On top of that, he's pretty generous, bought the entire class of 5, coffee and snacks, I'm cool with that.


Learn the necessaries, get in, get out and go save a life! Sani S. 3/1/2013  Yelp


I was dreading my BLS CPR renewal but this

experience was great! The class was $67 for 3 hours. I paid $80 at another

company in the past and it was a jam packed class for 4 hours. Roy was

absolutely wonderful and made the class fly by! The class sizes are small

(mine had 6 people) and you get personalized time with the defibrillator.

Plus you get cute keychains with simplified CPR masks nside! Great company

and great instructors! Would definitely recommend :)   Elizabeth P.  12/22/2012   Yelp


Went today for

a last minute CPR training to keep a fitness certification current.

Roy was terrific!  He was a great instructor - kept it simple but thorough. He

was well-prepared, and all participants got to work on their own dummy so that

the class moved at a good-pace without a lot of waiting around.  I highly

recommend taking this class if you need/want a CPR certification!  Roy teaches

on Saturdays in North Beach and during the week in Fort Mason.  Daniela O.

7/26/2012  Yelp


In the past few years, I

have taken two other hands-on CPR skills sessions, but this time I really felt

like I got a grasp on what to do and how to perform CPR. The class was

excellent! I didn't feel overwhelmed once I started performing the CPR sequence

because we started slow and the instructor was encouraging. The class was

to-the-point, and he answered all my questions as well as gave me tips. During

the registration process for the class, I liked that the instructor was very

personal, and answered my calls promptly.   Jaime H.   1/05/2012  Yelp


Upon arrival the instructor, Roy seemed very friendly and easy to talk to. The class

size was small which is great because you get more one-on-one with the

instructor and your classmates. Roy definitely broke everything down so you

could understand it and even participated with us; he wasnt like just a

text-book-for-three-hours kind of guy. Very hands on and always in good spirits.

A lot of techniques changed around since the last time I took a CPR class but he

made sure to make everything easy, fun, and understandable. I would definitely

reccommend anyone and everyone to take his CPR class! Thanks Roy!

Corelia M.      3/24/2012   Yelp



Dear fellow Health Care

Professionals!  I definitely recommend Roy to be your next CPR

instructor. He has excellent patience, personality, and a solid knowledge base

on everything you want to know about Basic life Support for adults and Infants.

He impressed me with his flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile for a

fellow Clinician in need. I was in a jam and I needed to be certified right away

or else I could not see patients. Roy saw me within the hour on his day off

knowing he had a full schedule the following day...he patiently taught me all

the skills I needed to save a life.I even got a cute little CPR mask key chain

that I could use to protect myself from disease and vomit while I save someone.

I will refer all of my friends, family, coworkers, and fellow medical personnel

to ROY the CPR guy...and you will too!  Thank you

Jocelyn S. RN     4/12/2012   email


I just wanna say that I have been to 3 other BLS-CPR classes in the last 10 years as

a healthcare provider, and by far, this is the BEST one!  The instructor,

Miranda, is friendly & professional, very thorough & knowledgeable.  The

class size is small & non-intimidating. There were only 2 of us students who

attended the class, which turned out to be a huge advantage as we received close

monitoring & adequate feedback for a better learning experience.  Miranda

made sure that we got it all correctly from the theory to the appropriate skills

expected of a healthcare worker helping save a life.  I like the venue, it's

very conducive to learning with lots of parking outside.  I also commend Roy

(the one behind it all) who made it easy for me to reschedule this class, as I

was sick & unable to attend on the date I originally signed up for.  It was

a very smooth, stress-free arrangement, & the reschedule fee of $25 was no

big deal.  Michelle F.    12/30/2011  Yelp


5 Star CPR training! I needed to get my BLS CPR updated right away for a

new job and I fou.nd Revive CPR through the American Heart Association website

(Their classes are AHA CPR ) I chose them because they were able to fit me in

within three days. Perfect! Best CPR class ever! The instructor is nice, the

class is fun, and I learned alot! I also liked how in the small class the

instructor was able to spot the areas I was struggling in, which is really

helpful in learning and in getting ready for the test. I went to their location

in Santa Clara and that's another plus: easy parking and nice facility. Thank

you!!  Julie K.      11/2/2011   Yelp


I wanted to take

the time and say thank you for your instruction today!  I will definitely put my

renewed skills to excellent use in medical school.Thanks again!

Kien  L.     8/13/2011  email


This was the best class I’ve ever taken.The

instructor was so thorough and accommodating, I definitely recommend to

all.   mommyo2  Google places  02/2011


This was perfect. He was on time,

and we knocked out the entire curriculum in detailed but fun learning

environment. I've had to certify/re-certify many times over the years, and I

have to say this was the best experience. The fact that Roy beat the other price

quotes for my renewal is icing on the cake! I'm sending his information to all

of my Search and Rescue/Health Care contacts in the Bay Area from Hayward to

Santa Rosa in hopes that they use Revive CPR as well.

Michael A.  08/11/2010   Ratepoint



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